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ABI Test – Screening Test for Peripheral Arterial Disease

An Ankle/Brachial Index (ABI) is simple, non-invasive test to detect blocked arteries in your legs, called peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It is estimated that 8-12 million Americans have PAD, yet only just over half complain of leg pain or other symptoms of PAD. If you are at risk, an ABI test is recommended. Early detection and risk factor modification can help eliminate future debiliating symptoms of PAD.

Here’s a video that shows the ABI test.


What Attendees Are Saying About PVICME

When asked what portions of the course students particularly enjoyed here is what they said. Everything was great; Hands on was very helpful; Lectures were very good; All speakers were well prepared and extremely knowledgeable; Great mix of physician speakers and technologists. Hands-on technologists were very helpful and patient.

Memorial Offers Screenings to Prevent Vascular Disease

News Release October 25, 2010: The Memorial Heart and Vascular Health and Futura Health Screening are offering low-cost, painless, and accurate ultrasound screenings to check for blockages in the arteries and aneurysms. Early detection is the first line of defense against stroke and vascular disease. (See full release here.)

PAD Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease), then lifestyle changes and/or balloon angioplasty and stenting may be recommended. We’ve posted a video where you can learn more.

2011 Continuing Education Schedule Released

In support of our ongoing dedication to health and education, we’re pleased to announce the following * new* education course schedule.

Learn more about our current class schedule.

Venous Insufficiency – A specialized class for sonographers and physicians who will be incorporating the complexity of venous insufficiency evaluation and various means of therapy into their individual laboratories and practices.
» March 11

Physician Interpretation Workshop –  This two-day workshop focuses on the major vascular ultrasound examinations to meet accreditation requirements
» March 12 – 13

Transcranial Doppler and Imaging – This course is designed for physicians, sonographers, technologists and other healthcare professionals seeking to acquire the specific skill sets and knowledge base required to perform and interpret transcranial Doppler (TCD) studies.
» March 23 – 25

Vascular Ultrasound “A foundation to build from” – A four-day comprehensive course in vascular ultrasound designed for cardiologists, echocardiographers, radiologists, radiology sonographers and those cross-training in vascular ultrasound.
» April 4 – 7
» May 16 – 19

Abdominal Vascular Course – During this two-day course participants are instructed on abdominal vascular testing procedures to include detection and quantification of lesions in the renal and mesenteric arteries, assessment for abdominal aortic aneurysm and dissections, evaluation of end organs including the kidneys, liver and spleen and evaluation of patients with portal hypertension and portosystemic shunts.
» April 15 – 16

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