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PVICME Course Schedule 2011

Are you looking for new opportunities to enhance you skills and further your career in ultrasound?  If you answered yes, then you will  want to attend one or more of the upcoming PVICME spring classes.  For those just getting started, the best choice would be the Vascular Ultrasound:  A foundation to build from course.  Looking for something more specialized?  How about the Abdominal Vascular, Transcranial Doppler or Venous Insufficiency Courses?  All of the PVICME courses offer not only great lectures in the morning, but the opportunity to scan on live models both with and without pathology.  You are able practice the skills that you have learned during the morning session.  Attending one of the PVICME courses brings you the opportunity to improve patient care and acquire additional skills.  Making you a better tech and employee.  PVICME  is accredited by the ACCME for physicians and SVU for technicians.    Visit the PVICME website at and register today.  Do not miss out.


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